Resolution: be good to yourself in the New Year!

Susan Sbicca

by Terry A. Rondberg, DC

Now that we’re into January it’s time to re-evaluate all those ambitious New Year’s Resolutions we made on Dec. 31.  Are your resolutions simply excuses to beat yourself up and set unrealistic goals? I hope not! After enduring the appearance of “bad times” for the past couple of years, I think we all need to look forward to the new year with optimism and excitement. Forget the resolutions that start with “I have to…” or “I need to…”

Instead, make it your goal to be good to yourself this coming year (being good to others goes without saying). You can do it in big ways (take that vacation to Tahiti you’ve always dreamed about) or in small ways (treat yourself to a spa day – even if you’re a guy).

Recently, I’ve worked with a friend of mine – Susan Sbicca – to start a business that will definitely help a lot of people be good to themselves this year: Millie’s Gelato.

Susan’s the former co-owner and executive chef of the award-winning Sbicca Restaurant in Del Mar, Calif., and the Meritage Restaurant & Bar in Encinitas. In 2006, she was named Chef of the Year by the San Diego Chapter of the California Restaurant Association and Chef of the Year at the California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Hall of Fame Centennial Celebration (it was only the second time in its 25-year history that the award has been presented).

The “Millie” in Millie’s Gelato is Susan’s mom, from whom she gets her love of all things culinary AND her firm belief that health considerations and even dietary restrictions should never stand in the way of a good dessert.

Her gelato is definitely a treat worthy of a New Year’s Resolution: All flavors are vegan and most are raw. She uses homemade almond milk, raw agave, Ecuadoran cacao powder, cacao nibs, raw cashews, and natural extracts; raw cocoa butter, organic peanut butter, and Himalayan salt. Plus, she uses only the finest and freshest seasonal cherries, peaches, strawberries, and apricots. She supports local farmers and fair trade practices whenever possible.

By the way, there are a few important differences between gelato and ice cream, differences that turn it from a simple dessert into an almost decadent treat. Gelato has far less butterfat than ice cream (about 10% as opposed to 18-26%) so it doesn’t freeze into a solid block like ice cream. It keeps its creamy texture and melts in your mouth with a richness you can’t get from ice cream. Plus, churning is done at slower speeds so there is far less air mixed into gelato (commercial ice cream is actually about one half air!). Millie’s Gelato is made from scratch and hand mixed so it’s thick, rich and creamy!

Although Millie’s Gelato isn’t available in retail stores, Susan is willing to ship her Gelato via second day air anywhere in the US! So, make that New Year’s Resolution to treat yourself this year and try some of her Gelato. You might find you don’t need to go to Tahiti to be in paradise.