3 myths about perception that can limit your results

Guest Post – by Dr. Robert Wiegand

(NOTE: Dr. Robert ‘Rick’ Wiegand teaches the “Access: Enhanced Awareness Workshop.” For more information about enhancing awareness/perception, visit: Access Workshop.)

Dr. Rick Wiegand

Myth #1: Only a limited percentage of ‘gifted’ individuals can develop exceptional perceptual abilities.

FACT: The human nervous system is astonishingly sensitive. The average person’s innate sensitivity, e.g., their neural receptor thresholds, extends far beyond their conscious ‘range of perception.’ The simple truth is that your neural system continually detects much more stimuli than you are AWARE of. Consequently, most individuals are ‘gifted’ with the genetic potential to develop exceptional perceptual skills.

Myth #2: Your perception is limited to the ‘standard’ 5 sense responses.

FACT: Your conscious ‘range of perception’ is indeed limited/determined by your awareness of various responses your neural system produces when it detects a stimulus. However, your neural system produces a wide assortment of responses – beyond ‘standard’ 5 sense responses – when it detects diverse types of stimuli.

For example, your neural system produces specific autonomic and central nervous system responses when it detects extremely subtle stimuli. Practitioners who cultivate awareness of these specific responses are able to enhance/extend their range of perception. As a result, they can perceive important types of subtle stimuli, such as extremely weak changes in a patient’s physiology, which cannot be experienced/perceived through the ‘standard’ 5 sense responses.

Myth #3: It takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate exceptional perceptual skills.

FACT: Your clinical perceptual skills can be significantly enhanced in a weekend.

In the past, relatively little was known about how the human neural system processes extremely subtle stimuli. Consequently, developing subtle perception skills was a ‘hit or miss’ proposition that could consume considerable time and effort – with no guarantee of success.

Neurophysiological research has recently identified key components that are involved in processing subtle stimuli. Subsequently, new protocols have been developed that can reliably assist you to quickly develop exceptional perceptual skills. Enhanced perceptual abilities give you ‘access’ to a greater range of awareness/information/insights as you work with your patients. This, in turn, can significantly increase your effectiveness and certainty – as well as your enjoyment – in practice.

3 thoughts on “3 myths about perception that can limit your results”

  1. Dr. Weigand has worked on me and his perception is truly impressive. It is my hope that he can easily and quickly help many of us to develop the skills to read our subtle awareness to help many more still. I’m looking forward to taking his workshop this year.

  2. Dr. Weigand has found the middle ground between Functional Neurology and Network and I believe it is the most powerful way to connect the founding principles to modern science. Understanding the physiology of perception and how to recognize the subtleties will enhance every doctors ability to successfully apply their philosophy, science and art.

  3. This programme will blow your mind and change the way you do things forever! – Big Statement, right! – Have you ever wondered why there are chiropractors that see hundreds (thousands??) of patients a week, from all over the country (& in some cases the World!) and another, just across the street, is starving to death?? – It’s called ‘Serendipity’! – Definition: Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated (Wikipedia). These very busy chiropractors have serendipity! – Most people call them lucky or even mystical, a true healer, innately intuitive maybe. These people simply know what & where the problem is and go straight to the that problem & correct it, while others have no idea! – They just crack everything from toes to nose and hope for the best! – “Shotgun Therapy’! – Ever heard of Dr Clarence Gonstead? – He had ‘Serendipity’, Amen! He did all the x-rays, nervoscope, etc. but he really just knew where to go and what to adjust. I know, I have been personally been adjusted by him at 6:30 am and at 1:15 am the next morning! WOW! – He just knew what to do! – He could adjust 4th dorsal in the sitting position where most have trouble on the drop table!

    Rick Weigand has made a remarkable discovery in that we ALL posses this gift, it’s just more evident in certain people than others. Rick can even teach you how to enhance and utilise this gift (you have) in a single weekend!! – I guarantee it! – I took his weekend seminar and if I can do it anyone can, I can assure you! – My wife, who is NOT a chiropractor, was given permission to sit in on the class and she ‘got it’ BIG TIME! – NB: We have to get this busy man to bring this awareness programme to Europe! – I repeat, this will change your life forever! – NB: If you are interested in learning this awareness, get in touch with me at and I’ll do my very best to get him to Ireland anyway & if we’re lucky to Europe! Yours for a better way, Paul Pringle

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