The program Jason Lord calls ‘revolutionary’

by Terry A. Rondberg, DC, President of the World Chiropractic Alliance

I’ve been hearing more and more comments about the Integrative Outcomes Measurements (IOM) Wellness Assessment tool and I wanted to share this video by Jason Lord, DC, founder and CEO of HouseCall Rehab.

As Dr. Lord notes, the IOM system really is revolutionary. Doctors can have individuals take the evaluation online for free, on their own home or work computers. It’s all Internet based, so providers don’t have to install any new programs on your computer. The people get their overall score, then return to the doctor for a “report of findings” and the more detailed scores. They retake the test after receiving care, and they and their provider get to see specifically the areas and extent of improvement for each intervention.

One thing I was really impressed with is the low cost — just $97 a month for unlimited access (you could have 10,000 people take the evaluation!) There’s no contract so members can quit at any time (although, apparently, very few do!)

Take a minute to hear what Jason has to say:

2 thoughts on “The program Jason Lord calls ‘revolutionary’”

  1. Jason, you are a real leader in chiropractic, what a wonderful explanation for doctors to see. You have given our profession a gift let’s hope they are open to hearing your message. God only knows how important IOM really is. You are an articulate well informed messenger.
    Our profession owes you a great deal of gratitude. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Terry for you kind words. I truly believe in this product and know it will help drive our profession forward. Thank you for all you do for Chiropractic!

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